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Dota Tidehunter's Attack Sound Suggestion

Dota Tidehunter's Attack Sound

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Did you ever notice that Dota 6.54b Tidehunter has no attack sound!?! I find it strange that a giant sea monster wielding a huge anchor makes no noise when he viciously attacks a poor enemy. There is definitely something wrong here. I think many Dota 6.54b player still didnt notice it and same goes to me~

So this suggestion is quite simple, just add a sound to his attack. I think that every hero in DotA 6.54b should have an attack sound and Leviathan should be no exception.

Here it goes the attack sound by Sistem_shock

Tidehunterattack1.1.wav ( 21.49k )
(This sound may seem like it doesn't fit right but try testing it in the test map and it should fit perfectly fine)

Adds no MSI (sound is already in-game)
Make's DotA even more perfect (if it isn't already)


I really can't think of any

Here is a test map so you can get a good idea of what it should sound like when Tidehunter attacks.
Testmap.1.w3x ( 12.91k )

Thanks to Sistem_shock

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