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Dota 6.55 Map Beta 7 Leak Download

After releasing 6.54 Map for download, a new Dota Map 6.55 Beta 7 was leaked! The changelog for Dota 6.55 Map Leak Beta 7 still not clear since the IceFrog prohibited it from been release. I hope that you can share with us the difference after playing Dota 6.55 Map Leak Beta 7

Dota-Allstars 6.55 Beta Loading Screen

The current changelogs for DotA Allstars v6.55 Beta 7 are :

Changelogs from Monkit:
-Have a close look on the Black King Bar. It's a very interresting change
-towers protecting tree and throne has been changed
-Ezalor's Mana Leak and Ignis Fatuus have been changed...
Mana Leak is now "Mana Rupture", which does what it says; it's like Rupture of Bloodseeker, only MP is damaged instead of HP.
Ignis now no longer spawns the healers, instead it has:
- Blinding Light; which affects like an area similar to Shiva's Guard, and it blinds enemies affects by 80% for 5 seconds, and knocks back as well...
and another ability (which will most likely be edited like hell)
- Recall; the Ignis channels for 4 seconds, targeting an ally hero. After 4 seconds, the hero is teleported to the Ignis... that's right... free travel... the ignis shouldn't be damaged while doing this or else the channeling will be interrupted... and the hero can freely move while waiting to be teleported
and I think Clockwerk was nerfed again stat wise, not sure.
-chakra magic was changed also, at lvl 4 85 mana cast, 16s cooldown, restores 300 mana, instant cast, no buffs added (hp regen, + dmg, like it was before)
-tangos got modified too (i don't know if it is a buff or a nerf)

A few updates for the changelog

-New Dota Sentinel Hero - Captain Coco, Admiral Proudmoore
The most noticable skill is using a ghostship to hit the enemies. The other skill self buff, so i'm not sure yet. His first skill when activated make you have splash damage, his third skill still i can't find it yet. His ultimate is mark the spot, i assume that when you got damaged, you instantly return to where you are marking the spot. Still not sure if this hero will be implemented
-Tango now 3 charges which heal 115 hp over 16 seconds.
-BKB recipe now 1300, but now use mithril hammer instead of broadsword

Download Dota 6.55 Map Beta 7

This is just some of the changelog in Dota 6.55 Map Leak Beta 7. I really hope that you can share your opinion about the difference between Dota 6.54 Map and Dota 6.55 Map. Thanks Guys!

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