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Dota 6.54 - Vengeful Spirit

Vengeful Spirit, one of the most used heroes for pub games as well as competitive plays. I could say she needs a EENT specialist to make her voice do well again.

What's the solution?

Sound - Unit Sound Set = EvilSylvanas !!!!!!!

- 1st of all it will not increase the current map size but makes a cosmetic improvement!
- Soundset is currently unused as far as i know
- Sounds fit her because she's a spirit and the sound has ghastly tone
- Very appropriate unit quotes!
Pissed 1: "My will is my own"
Pissed 3:"arthras murdered my people and turned me into a monstrosity"
Pissed 4: "What are we if are not slaves to this torment"
Yes Attack 1: "Show them no mercy."
Yes Attack 2: "Push the attack." - command aura, increases attack damage of nearby allies ^^
Yes Attack 3: "Let none survive"
Yes Attack 4: "May my aim true"
Ready 1: "What joy is there in this curse" - the curse is her being a vengeful spirit,this would make a logical explanation that she resents being vengeful and atleast give her a leverage on being a sentinel hero
Warcry 1: "Victory draws near."
What 1: "Show me a target" - she's refering to the allies to whom she will cast nether swap or magic missile
What 2: "I'm here"
What 3: "Giving order"
What 4: "I'm listening"
Yes 1: "It's time to even the scales" - is she planning to use nether swap? A team play of sentinels agains 1 to many attack tactics of scourge?
Yes 2: "Done" - ready to execute the strategy - she's a team starter hero right
Yes 3: "I have no time for games"
Yes 4: "The moment's upon us"
Yes 5: "Ofcourse!"

I have no more things to say and i know you're intelligent enough to get the point ^^. If you want to hear the cool new voice of vengeful. Open Warcraft Editor > Click Sound Editor > Open EvilSylvanas Folder and play each file enjoy!

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