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Dota 6.55 Map Leak Beta 9 Download

Did you try the new Dota 6.55 Map?If not, better you try it faster since there is a new Hero in sentinel! Captain Coco, Admiral Proudmoore. The skills is unique and great. There are a few updates in the Dota 6.55 Map changelog.Come and download Dota 6.55 Map fast so that you can try the new superb hero in Dota 6.55 Map

New Ezalor - Keeper of The Light

Its look like there are several changes in the Ezalor skills..

Superb effect!

New Dota Hero in Dota 6.55 Map Leak - Captain Coco, Admiral Proudmoore

Did you notice there is a new sentinel hero in Dota 6.55 Map?It located besides Goblin the Clockwerk. This new Dota Hero is a Strength attribute hero. I have already test the skills at it nice. The skills is something like moving ship attacking the enemy.Maybe its related to the name of Captain Coco (Pirate Captain maybe..)

What a great achiement! A new Dota Hero in Dota 6.55 Map!Its look like the Policeman holding a sword.This is a new sentinel Dota Hero 6.55, Captain Coco, Admiral Proudmoore

Come and share your opinion about the new Dota 6.55 Map

New Dota 6.55 Beta 9 Map Leak!!

Dota-Allstars 6.55 Beta 9 Changelogs:
From Pluginbaby - 2 New items

grants : +50mana +10mana channel
costs :205gold

grants: heals from poison effects
costs : 100gold

Download Dota 6.55 Beta 9

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