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Dota Music Games

Devil's urethra-End Game Music Video-HQ DL link added, 70% of measures to synchronize with lyrical stage, 90% video synchronization with the music.

Virus Hunter says VH

"Why I determined that this music video?
Since the whole a certain scene in his lyrical I think
The first time that I have the time "End Game".
I can not explain.
This really very good song! Finally, I open my right, Sony Vegas,
drag it to the song, open Warcraft, the top Dota, pa, select and Demon Witch hunters,
Control of management at the point I want to top Fraps, wait for their costs,
then the input by the file in Sony Vegas, and then synchronize.
So I start End Game Music Video. "

At the same time, I PM UA.
But he has power.
"You are the Best Song Maker!" What I will say when he sent me answer.

Why are there two versions? From the music is Dota VIDEO.
My opinion is if the Spell In the video sound effect being maintained.
But I would like battery, which the song at the same time.
I can not decide who is better, so I'll make.
Learn more about both.
They found that two of them maintained, with different feeling

IPB Image

End Game Music Video

HQ live Stream link

Download link

Screen Shots:

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

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Dota Themes

This is one of the quote from the previous post in DotA Media Forums by Infrisios, one of the beta tester. Credit to Infrisios by providing the Dota Themes to us.

Infrisios said

"First, screw everything you have read here back when it was called Beachpack.
That's old, now it is the Theme Manager!With ~9MB for the rar file, it is much smaller now.More themes will come!"

1. What does this "Theme Manager do?
2. What does it contain?
3. How to use it?
4. Spoiler - what will come in the future?
5.-links, FAQ, Credits, Changelog, screenshots, etc sig

1. What does this "Theme Manager do?
The Theme Manager allows you using different terrainsets in DotA without using a different map. This works by replacing the textures / models in your MPQs - WC3's data files - itself. It will not only change DotA's terrain (where it has no glitches), but also other maps. In other maps, it will look quite bad, so this is more useful for DotA.
While it strongly changes the appearance of the map, it does not change anything of the gameplay - the changes are of PURE visual nature and the process is easily reversible.

The Theme Manager is completely compatible with every platform / hosting program ( / GGC / DC / LC / Hamachi /...).
Most of this discussion is old ( "Beach Pack") and belongs to versions where it was not compatible and worked in other ways.
The "real" discussion begins somewhere at page 11

The patch seems to have brought no problem at all

2. What does it contain?
Beach Theme:
Beach-terrain everywhere
-- "Pandaren" UI for both parties (thanks to Unwirklich)
Hell Theme:
-- "Hell"-terrain everywhere
-- "Demon" UI for both parties (thanks to Unwirklich)
Snow Theme (Beta)
Every terrain-Snow
-- "Frost" UI for both parties (self-made, based on human)
- no 100% guarantee for stability:-P

3. How to use it?
QUOTE (installation)
How to install the Theme Manager?
1. If you have beachpack installed, to restore original (if you can not, it will not be too bad afaik). You would have exchanged your War3Patch.mpq in this case and should have a backup (with lower filesize).
2. Unpack the file in your warcraft folder - in most cases C: \ Program Files \ Warcraft III.
3. DO NOT move or rename any of the files you unpacked.
4. If you want it on your desktop, create a shortcut of the executable file.
5. Go! (2,3,4,5 step after checking again)

QUOTE (Usage)
1. Close your warcraft AND warcraft world editor. Else it does not work!
2. Start the program. If you start it the first time, it will create a backup of your MPQ
3. Select your favourite Toolkit. If you select one, it will always be activated unless you change it!
4. Start WC3. Whether you start it out of the program or not is not important.
Other maps might have a (visually) screwed terrain - I suggest you to use "original" when playing something different than DotA

Of course, is DotA Icefrog's map, and I would not do something like this without his explicit permission ....
Ice gave me specific permission to do that as long as it is done in conjuction with the beta team and is beta tested and screened by IceFrog and his Betatesters.

Beach Pack in action - in "End Game"!

Have fun!

4. Spoiler - what will come in the future
As the preview screenshots show, the long awaited Snow Theme is close to being finished.

After that, I have a bunch of different basic ideas:
Bar - that's what should come after snowpack.
- highland - something rocky -.-
- Dungeon - dunno, this could be a very dark version of the snow theme or something ... I will again have a problem with trees ... sad.gif
Others - these are purely hypothetic
Special functions in the GUI (again, only basic ideas):
- custom user interfaces for each race (with checkboxes or something you can select the interface you'd like)
- custom models, again with checkboxes
- special icons (or do you like the Song of the Siren icon?)

5. DL-links, FAQ, Credits, Changelog, screenshots, etc sig

Downloads: *.rar - you can only unpack these when you have winrar, but they are much smaller.
DL 1 - Megaupload
DL 2 - Rapidshare
DL 3 - Sendspace

Old versions:
DL 1 - Megaupload[DTM1]
DL 2 - Rapidshare [DTM1]
DL 3 - Sendspace[DTM1]

Downloads: *.zip - bigger, but everyone can unpack them
DL 1 - Rapidshare

Old versions:
DL 1 - Rapidshare [DTM1]

go to:
-- Infrisios, idea and development
-- Yak, immense. Would not all, without him. It was also a curse texture issue for the beach
-- Laku_0o using the graphical user interface (and the founding of the first!)
-- 4nTr4xX to me the War3Patch.mpq English (no longer on the important issue Manager)
-- Ereskigal, murdoc_rocks, Revil0 the above (examination of stability)
-- Unwirklich for the Panda (beach) and Demon (hell) user interfaces (user interfaces)
-- Betatesters support for the revival and a bit of the idea of a habit Dota
-- YOU support for the issue of motivation me and this program, starting with a simple, non-multiplayer program!

-- Incorporated demon ui Preview Screenshot
-- Update - Bug resolved, the multiplayer. The beachpack works in a completely different now.
-- Added English version
-- Added IE version
-- Added the theme hell alpha Screenshots Preview
-- Added GUI with the theme Beta Hell. Does the same way, but that is something else. No need for more language versions ;-)
-- Added snow theme screenshots of the beta-preview [Photobucket only]
-- [18.07.2008] Uploaded DTM V2. Added data to the new changes òÓ

Screen shots:

Beach Theme

Hell Theme

Snow Theme

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Dota 6.53 AI Plus 1.52 Maps Revision 6 and 7

New Dota 6.53 AI Maps Revision 6 and 7 is available now. There are several changes in the new Dota 6.53 AI Maps Revision 6 and 7

Rev. 07
-Addressed a timing issue with AI purchasing consumables
-Changed the preloading of Invoker's resources, hopefully preventing problems with the game locking up

Rev. 06
-Implemented new AI command -aiunstuck XX, which will call the -unstuck command on AI player XX
-Fixed a bug with Disassemble
-Fixed a bug with undroppable shared Rings of Regeneration on AI
-Fixed a bug with Kelen's Dagger being muted when hit

Dota 6.53 Ai Revision 7:
Download Dota 6.53 AIplus 1.52 revision 7

Dota 6.53 Ai Revision 6:
Download Dota 6.53 AIplus 1.52 revision 6

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Dota 6.53 AI Plus 1.52 Maps Revision

Dota-Allstars 6.53 AIplus 1.52 Map Revision 5 Free Download is available to download now. Get Dota 6.53 AI from revision 1 to 5. Click the links below to download all the Dota 6.53 Ai maps.In this Dota 6.53 Ai Map,we can try the new hero Dota 6.53, Goblin Clockwerk.

BuffMePlz Comments

It is considered the card, works in 1.21b and 1.22a patch! Are some of my changes!
How is this for a quick update? = P

Normally, I would allow more time for testing but I have to leave again for a week or so, and you have all patients were remarkable, so I decided to basically a public beta test. I would see this as "Revision 0", but there is really no sense that, so that the first revision of the latest port of RGB AI in 6.53.

Note: Expect bugs. I have not had time to find / iron them out. But please do report, as they appear.

I have not had a chance to change-around in the new format, or to eliminate the "undroppable while cooldown" system. Not "$" sign for the observers yet. I will add them in the next revision, which I on the right side, after I get back.

In the meantime, go and test the AI ... I make no guarantees even on the quality and such. As far as I know, the element builds all the work (even if it sometimes screws, if the AI a bunch of money, and buy them all at one time) ... let me know if something breaks during a game.

A quick observation I saw shortly tests is that the AI tends to return to the fountain more frequently ... I do not know whether it was a coincidence or an odd routine, is all too often. Confirmation would be good. If there is a problem, I'll try to fix it in the next revision.

As far as I know, all other new content has been done (with the exception of-ah, afk, kickafk, some exploits, as well as some bug fixes). As always, always here, as you meet them, and specifically: "OMFG WTF crashed my game is not very helpful.

Thanks mainly to Tenshinhan DN, Overflow_GR, Duvon, Strikur - Counter_Helix_axe, Catalyst, and chaser02 for their hard work in creating the position builds on the AI. If you helped and do not see your name here, let me know so I can give you props for your work. =)

Readme is as follows:

DotA Allstars 6.53 AI + 1.52 Revision 01
This is a port of RGB AI + v1.52 (originally written for DotA Allstars 6.48b).

It behaves the same as the original AI, and has only been updated to provide balance, new recipes items, and most new features. As such, some new content does not fully reflect the AI yet.

There is no AI for LIFESTEALER, Invoker, or CLOCKWERK Troll. They will neither use nor learn their skills.

Known error with AI:
-- Pathing on top Sentinel track is still the same as in 6.48b
AI-sand king will not use Epicenter
-- AI not to react and NB-nt modes
-- Some exploits, which have been fixed are still in the game ... simply can not use. If you really want to cheat against AI, just use test.

Some commands have not yet properly implemented:
-- AH
AFK --
-- Kickafk

I also have a Fun Tavern in the lower right corner. Currently includes six legacy heroes (possibly more in the future): Old Invoker (6.12b), Old Lifestealer (6.48b), Old Silencer (6.12b), Gambler (6.06), Old Morphling (5.84b ) And Old Stealth Assassin (5.84b).

To access the tavern fun, fun-type within the first 15 seconds of the game.

Rev. 01
-- First update to 6.53
New article system implemented so that all items for AI builds heroes have been changed
Disabled all-AI scripts in connection with Lanaya, hopefully this should allow players to choose the game without their crashes
Updated AI Lycan to exploit new opportunities Howl
-- Fixed timing in AI to lanes in rd
-- It is now possible to pick heroes from the Fun Tavern when repicking or rechoosing
-- Test command lvlupall can have a number after it had all the heroes level up faster (ie "lvlupall 25")
-- Fixed a bug with Viscous nasal Goo, to assist in the occupation unstackable in AI heroes
-- Changed the Way gold distribution coded hopefully to prevent crashes
-- AI also the same bonuses human players such as gold-em now, if you-ng
-- Updated feature to use the implementation in 6.52
Changed Eclipse implementation that the 6.50 (no ministun)
Changed Wild axes that the implementation of 6.50
Changed landmines implementation of 6.50 (Floating recognize heroes)
Changed AI-point routine for Deathmatch
-- There was a small bug with respawning puck with a slightly smaller size model for Dying (heh)

Thank you and have fun!

Here are the exact changelog for each of the revision of the Map

Rev. 02
-- Changed the item consumeable code on an updated version of the original AI +, the use of the new item, the correction should be a "return to water bug with AI bots
-- Made Clock factory Goblin unpickable of AI
-- Fixed Mana Void animation

Rev. 03
-- Fixed Invoker break from the game if picked
-- Redid all Lanaya-trigger with 6.53 script, and hopefully it makes financial crash of the game (if they still I do not know what else to try)
Sand-AI king can now properly use Epicenter
-- Fixed Clock factory Goblin unable its own power tape
-- Fixed upgrade
-- Fixed essence aura
Fixed-symbols on Gambler's capabilities
KI player, with a Bloodstone will no longer be renamed "Blood Rune"
-- Single-player test-driving high command now correctly spawns runes
-- Added a warning when the AI randoms Lanaya, N'aix, or clock work Invoker
-- Removes the "cooldown undroppable in" system for elements (as in 6.53)
-- Added the "$" symbol above creep kills in replays and for the observers (as in 6.53)
Changed AI element builds for terrorist Blade (Overflow_GR) and Rattle Trap (Green_Sliche)
Old-Updated spell Morphling's database to allow theft Rattle Trap's capabilities

Rev. 04
Changed point-drop mechanism in AI, so that they no longer appear on the fountain, which I hope will reduce the chances of AI bots not completing their builds
-- Easy to modify the AI, before gold drop elements to prevent AI from prematurely for sale
-- Redid the script for Power Tape
-- Redid for a neutral position creeps
-- Fixed command-test lvlupfor
-- Fixed Hook Shot correctly marked units (Power goes through cassette, dummy units)
-- Fixed overhead text tags by fog of war (as in 6.52)
-- Fixed consumable materials count on the final scoreboard for human players
-- Fixed timing in the neutral spawning
-- Implemented rickroll command (as in 6.53)
Updated double illusion Walk behavior (as in 6.53)
Updated-Magic Missile occupation animation (as in 6.53)
Old-Updated Morphling's Spellsteal ability to steal for fun Tavern heroes
Fixed flash animation on Old Morphling and old Stealth Assassin
-- Added Void Demon (3.0d) Fun Tavern
-- Added Rider (5.72) Fun Tavern
-- Remove the word "old" in front of the old heroes' names (for example, "Nortrom, the Old Silencer" instead of "Old Nortrom, the Old Silencer")
Changed AI element builds for Spectre, Tiny, Chaos Knight, Enigma, Leshrac, Morphling, Juggernaut, Treant, Weaver, Dragon Knight, and Panda

Rev. 05
-- Fixed Howl from crash of the game on a level 2, 3 and 4
-- Fixed consumable materials count on the final scoreboard for AI
-- Changed the Way Sylla Spirit Bear Bear and purchase items
Silent elements and clock now works
-- Wrote down so that debuffs have no effect on the increased speed
-- Fixed Assassination (Rider) go right, when the capacity is learned Assassination
Changed AI element builds for Panda and Leshrac (again)
-- Compact size

Here are the links to download Dota 6.53 Ai Revision Map

Dota 6.53 Ai Revision 1:
Download Dota-Allstars 6.53 AIplus 1.52 revision 1

Dota 6.53 Ai Revision 2:
Download Dota-Allstars 6.53 AIplus 1.52 revision 2

Dota 6.53 Ai Revision 3:
Download Dota-Allstars 6.53 AIplus 1.52 revision 3

Dota 6.53 Ai Revision 4:
Download Dota-Allstars 6.53 AIplus 1.52 revision 4

Dota 6.53 Ai Revision 5:
Download Dota-Allstars 6.53 AIplus 1.52 revision 5

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Dota Map Hack 6.53

Good news to all dota players, new dota map hack 6.53 is release! Come and try this dota map hack 6.53 software. What is dota map hack?How to use dota map hack 6.53?Dota Allstars Map Hack is a program that can visible all the Dota Allstars heroes,creeps and buildings even it's coverd with fog of war. This means there is no fog in your map! You can see your enemy clearly without having anything blocking. From your ally side to the enemies side, its all clear. You can know where the Dota heroes hiding. The advantages of using this Dota Map Hack is you can avoid yourself from being Gangbang! And even you can plan to do Backdoor (Desprate winning...)

Now let see the preview of dota map hack 6.53 new release..

Last Updates
CustomKick 1.22.01 - July 5, 2008
CustomConfig 1.22.01 - July 5, 2008
PassGrabber 1.22.01 - July 5, 2008
CdKeyGrabber 1.22.01 - July 5, 2008
NameSpooferPro 1.22.01 - July 5, 2008
NameSpoofer 1.22.01 - July 5, 2008

Basically, we need to activate the dota map hack 6.53 console first before we enter the match. After the activation map hack 6.53, you can see the enemies at their basement. Not only your enemies but also ROSHAN! All the creeps in the forest will be reveal if you use dota map hack 6.53. So, what are you waiting for? Download dota map hack 6.53 Now!

Lets see some of the previews..

The player start to activate the dota map hack 6.53.. Focus on the map! You just can see your ally hero inside it..In this example,the player used Version 1.21

When the dota map hack 6.53 is activated, now you can see all the units including creeps, enemies and even roshan at your map. Check the different between the first and second pictures!Focus on the map

Roshan hidden cam!

All the creeps in the forest..its like you turn on the security camera in the game!

Come and download dota map hack 6.53!
Download Dota Map Hack 6.53

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Dota 6.53 New Hero

When this new Dota 6.53 map were release,everyone feel so exited to see the changes either in the changelog or hero.Some Dota players do wondering on how to play this new dota 6.53 hero.A few questions that might wondering in your head..

What is the changelog of Dota 6.53 Map?
What is the exact Dota 6.53 changelog?
What is this new Dota 6.53 hero?
How to use it?
Any Dota players want to recommend the skills build up? are the answers

Dota 6.53 Changelog
* Added a new Sentinel Hero (Goblin Clock factory)
* Localized script text to allow cross-language compatibility
* Total revised and improved the way RD hero is picking
* Imported a temporary Rune model to replace the default, until the death animation is fixed at 1.22 (thanks PGRu-Unexpect3D)
* Revised Lycanthrope a bit

* Removed "undroppable while cooldown" mechanism added a long time ago to prevent abuse items. This mechanism is no longer necessary because of Warcraft Patch 1.22
* Improved Fire Panda's movement speed per level
* Observers and replays now a symbol of a dying above $ scrambling when a player gets gold for the killing of a unit
* Improved Drow's easy marksmanship
* AOE increase in emulsion
* Lowered Soul's Keeper base movement and speed increases occupation point
* Improved stifling dagger
* Improved open wounds a little
* Decreased Mana Void's cooldown
* Lowered Infest manacost

* There was a slight mistake with the order of the damage to heal and operation of the cleaning, when combined with Aphotic sign in a nearby enemy
* Fixed a bug with Magic immunity and Haunt
* Fixed a bug with the siren song and Berserker's Call
* Fixed a bug with the sale Aghanim's Scepter
* There was a slight mistake with Soul Ascension and purchase
* Fixed a bug with Magic immunity and Strygwyr's Thirst
* Fixed Berserker's Call interaction with the neutrals in the night
* Fixed Stout Shield Hotkey conflict with Kelen's dagger in the Goblin Shop
* Fixed a bug with shackles and Berserker's Call
* Fixed a bug with Magic immunity and Sandstorm
* Fixed Mana not leak set in motion by Exort / Quas / Wex
* Fixed-ah for observers

* Added Tavern colors (218144)
* Added a new flash animation for Antimage
* Improved Magic Missile casting effect (170262)
* Added a visual effect when dispersion harms units
* Improved Shapeshift animation (186555)
* Improved Chaos Knight's Blink Strike cast effect (222605)
* Added new symbol for ethereal trip (227376)
* Added a visual effect when Necrolyte managers with sadist
* Swapped symbol positions Sange and Yasha in the recipe shop
* Added a new Balanar hero story (of Grujah.Noob)
* Added a new Lina Inverse hero story (of Wyvernoid)
* Added a new Medusa hero story (of Inferno [DK])
* Added a new king sand hero story (of Yousuckatdota)
* Added a new Shadow Priest hero story (of miel09)
* Added a new Warlock hero story (of Inferno [DK])

Dota-Allstars 6.53 Exact changelogs

* Improved Fire Panda's movement speed per level
325/325/325 movespeed-> 325/375/425 movespeed
* Observers and replays now a symbol of a dying above $ scrambling when a player gets gold for the killing of a unit
* Improved Drow's easy marksmanship
10/20/30 mobility-> agility 12/24/36
* AOE increase in emulsion
AOE 600-> 1000 AOE
* Lowered Soul's Keeper base movement and speed increases occupation point
320 movespeed, 0.3 seconds casting-point> 300 movespeed, 0.5 seconds casting point
* Improved stifling dagger
20/25/30/35% slowly 2/2.75/3.5/4.25 seconds-> 50/50/50/50% slowly 1/2/3/4 seconds
* Improved open wounds a little
1s stun, 1s 70% slowly, 1s 50% slowly, slowly 1s 30%, 10% slowdown 3s-> 1s stun, 1s 70% slowly, 1s 60% slowly, slowly 1s 50%, 30% slowly 1s, 3s 10% slow
* Decreased Mana Void's cooldown
120/120/120 second cooldown-> 120/100/80 second cooldown
* Lowered Infest manacost
50/100/150 Mana, 100/70/40 second cooldown-> 50/50/50 Mana, 100/60/30 second cooldown

New hero in dota 6.53 - Rattletrap The Clockwerk Goblin in New Sentinel Hero

In order to increase our skills to use this new dota 6.53 hero, I suggest that you download the Dota 6.53 Ai Map. We can train this hero by killing the Ai

Rattletrap - The Clockwerk Goblin
Range: 125 | | Move Speed: 310 | Primary: STR
Str: 24 + 2.9 | Agi: 13 + 1.2 | Int: 17 + 1.7
Damage: 49 - 51 | HP: 606 | Mana: 221
HP Regen: 0.97 | Mana Regen: 0.69
Attack Speed: 1.48 (+ 13% IAS) | Armor: 4.8

Here are his skills:

Lets view some of Dota players who use
Rattletrap - The Goblin Clockwerk in their match. From theses videos,we can learn how to use this new Dota 6.53 hero effectively

Videos collection from Youtube

Rattletrap - The Goblin Clockwerk..New Dota 6.53 Hero

First video for Dota 6.53 new hero..Rattletrap - The Goblin Clockwerk

Second video for Dota 6.53 new hero..Rattletrap - The Goblin Clockwerk

Third video for Dota 6.53 new hero..Rattletrap - The Goblin Clockwerk

Fourth video for Dota 6.53 new hero..Rattletrap - The Goblin Clockwerk

After viewing this videos, I hope we learn something to enhance the new Dota 6.53 hero,Rattletrap - The Goblin Clockwerk

After some discussion with other Dota players, here are some of the skills build up or guidance to use Rattletrap
- The Goblin Clockwerk. However this hero is still new and more advance skills will be reveal within a short period.Here are the skills that are recommended from Dota players

1) Battery Assault
2) Power Cog
3) Battery Assault
4) Rocket Flare
5) Battery Assault
6) Hookshot
7) Battery Assault (Max)
8) Rocket Flare
9) Rocket Flare
10) Rocket Flare (Max)
11) Hookshot
12) Power Cog
13) Power Cog
14) Power Cog
15) Stats
16) Hookshot (Max)
17) Stats
18) Stats
19) Stats
20) Stats
21) Stats
22) Stats
23) Stats
24) Stats
25) Stats

Get Battery first, it's an amazing AoE killer when used properly. Max it first.
Get one level of cage next to trap your opponent and then use battery for an easy first blood if possible.

Get Missle after one level of cage and max it, this is your 'normal nuke'. Max it.
Max cage after Missle, it will keep them close to your Battery longer.

Core Item Build:

1) Bracer(s) OR Vanguard
2) Strength Treads
3) Void(If Going Linkens) OR Bottle
4) TP scrolls (Buy as needed)

Luxury Items:
1) Radiance: Adds AoE Damage for a better battery assault.
2) SnY: Adds Health, Attack Speed, Speed, and Damage for better overall stats.
3) Shiva's Guard: Slow the enemy, add some EHP, and get some more mana.
4) Linken's Sphere: Blocks a disable while charging the enemy and get some more health and mana as well as mana regen.
5) Heart of Tarrasque: More Health, More Damage, More Tankability.
6) Assault Cuirass: More Tankability, More Support, More DPS.


Early game, I would grave two circlets and some tango, if you go Bracers, or a Stout and some tango, if you go Vanguard.

I do Bracers or Vanguard first to get a rapid increase in health, as I like diving into enemies (or hookshotting in them) to pull out of my combos. Next, I grave boots for the obvious reasons, your speed is 360 thereafter. That's pretty good.

Next I grave some mana regeneration, because you begin to gank and do not want to wait for any mana. Whatever you want to mana regeneration is fine, you do not need too much about it as a bottle or Void usually covers. Get the void if you plan on creating a Linkens.

Now we are in the luxury items. Pretty much take what is suitable for you and wishes.

If you are Radiance Now, as it loses its effectiveness over time.
If you Radiance, I suggest grave Bing one of the elements, such as health after everyone will probably concentrate even more.

In place of Radiance you could do for the spellblock Linkens, mana regeneration and health. If you take this route be sure that a Void Stone before.

SnY is good for a little more health and the hunt for enemies. If you're having trouble getting the gold may be easier to get than the others because it comes in small pieces.

After Bing grave a health element as the first element of luxury, or Shiva's Guard Assault Cuiriass would be a good choice for an initiator of the fuel.
Shiva's slowed attacker and gives you more EHP by arms and it is harmful AOE slowly is always a nice gift. Assault Cuiriass Increases your attack speed and EHP, and increasing damage from all of your team.


Trap rattles

Get closer to their victims, check the battery, then activate your cage. If the cage, not running next to your enemy, and if possible step forward, she met and continue to hunt until you before, then repeat.

Trap, Rattle, Blast!

Are some trap rattles, but your own rocket cage, while on it with your sacrifice for additional damages.

Hook, line, sinker.
Hook your victims, activate battery, wait until you see the stunning ends, run alongside your enemy (if it moves), cage, the cage rocket. This is your ultimate combo.

Early Game:
Try Sentinel Bot or scourge top and a clear track for the early game. If you are against her solo at Level 2 then you turn off your allies, you get behind and drag a case Rattle from the above-mentioned strategies. You should first net blood. Then stay in your lane to collect latest hits and some experience. Do not be afraid to gank Once you have a bracer and boots as your skills are very powerful early.

Mid Game:
This is your time to shine. Gank with the hook line and sinker combo you see above, whenever a hero alone in their lane. Be sure to participate in each team to help slaughter and your allies if they are in difficulty. They should be your core elements with the exception of broadcasting in the early and middle game.

Late game:
Late game is more about the team battles. Let someone else initiate, unless you have a heart, then hookshot a low health goal and the Hook, line, sinker, strategy. Late game you should improve your charisma damage in this or a heart, so you better resist during this penalty.

All the skills and info were gathered from Dotaportal.

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Dota Map 6.53 New realease for free Download

Get the Dota Map 6.53 free download
Download Dota Allstars Map
Free Download from Getdota

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Free Dota Map 6.52e to Download

Download Dota 6.52e
Free and latest map dota
6.52e is a stable map

Download Dota 6.52e 2nd link
Free and latest map dota
6.52e is a stable map

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