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Download Dota Map Hack - NameSpooferPro

Download Dota Map Hack - NameSpooferPro

The NameSpooferPro Map Hack is a high quality Dota Map Hack program. It is originated programed by the well-known shadowfrench. Try the NameSpooferPro Map Hack now and get the GODLIKE title!

Program :NameSpooferPro (W3XNameSpooferPro11800.exe) -212 kb


How to run the NameSpooferPro Map Hack :

1. Open NameSpooferPro Program
2. Open Warcraft III Program ( DotA )
3. Before Start Game Input Your Name in Textbox "Name"
4. Click Button " Change Name"
5. Play

Link 1 : Download
Link 2 :
W3XNameSpooferPro11800.exe(Link 2)

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