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Dota Allstars Items and Heroes History

Wow!Quite a long time playing Dota Allstars, this is the first time i heard about Dota Allstars History..I felt so noob!What i know about Dota Allstars is just pick heroes, farming and killing! But there is still a lot i dont know about this game..Here i want to share with you about Dota History..For those who already knew about it..You can read it again~!

Dota Allstars Items

Aegis of the Immortal -Shield that were used by Zeus and God of Yunani.
Aghanim’s Scepter - Aghanim is the ultimate Boss in Zelda game.
Uriza-Do Kanyon - Item from Diablo II.
Dagon - God of Semitic.
Eul’s Scepter of Divinity -Eul is an honour for the first Dota creater and the Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse is known as the item to remember the founder of the DotA Allstars (Guinsoo).
Eye of Skadi - Skady is the Van God Njord wife in the Norse myth. She is God of Snow and as an honour, this item will make the user slow down the enemy movements for each of the attack (Frost Attack)
Lothar’s Edge -As an honour to Anduin Lothar, Ksatria from Azeroth who won the “First War” (Warcraft & Warcraft II).
Necronomicon -Fiction book that were wrote by H. P. Lovecraft.
Nethrezim Buckler - Nathrezim or Dreadlords are one of the Warcraft game.
Stygian Desolator -Weapon fron Anarchy Online.
Heart of Tarrasque - Mystic Monster that look like dragon, lion and scorpion and also one of the Starcraft Boss.
Yasha - Evil Satan from Indian myth

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Dota Allstars Heroes

Akasha - One of the five elements from the Hindu myth. It is also one of the character in Anne Rice book (Queen of the Damned)

Atropos - One of the three destiny on Yunani myth which in legends it means "Cutting the life". This showed in Dota games,the ultimate Fiend’s Grip that suck the enemies life till dead.
Azwraith -This hero use the same character of Final Fantasy Game, Kimhari
Furion -Leader from Night Elves who conquer the Warcraft III game.
Bradwarden - The Centaur character from The Demon Awaken book which were wrote by R.A. Salvatore.
Juggernaut - The ultimate of this hero come from the Omnislash Cloud Strife in the Final Fantasy VII.
Lina Inverse -Come from the anime character, Slayers
Kel’Thuzad -Lich King's student from Warcraft III game.
King Leoric - This name come from the Diablo character in which his son is control by the evil Satan
Krobelus -Summoner 2 character.
Leviathan -A legend from the ocean monster
Lucifer - Angel who live in a sin from the Christian myth
Leshrac (the Malicious) - Magic the Gathering character.
Magnus -Physics Expert from German, Heinrich Magnus, who write about the Magnus effect which same like the Reverse Polarity.
Medusa - Monster from the Yunani myth who can turn anything it see into stone. This same like Purge which can slower the enemies movement like stone
Morphling - Shapeshifter from Wizards of the Coast’s Magic the Gathering, who can change his status
Naga Siren - Monster from Yunani myth which half human and sea monster who can make the sailor go to his island. This is same like the Song of the Siren which can make the enemies sleep in a group.
Rikimaru - Stealth Assassins from Tenchu Ninja.
Zeus -God of Lightning and leader of God in the Yunani myth

We play Dota Allstars but do you know about the history?Now you do...

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