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Dota Allstars Link Exchange

Why we need to exchange our links?Exchange links can increase our Page Rank blog/site.Usually the exchange links is post under My Blogroll.Its a win-win situation in which both parties get the benefits.Basically, if you have many links exchange it will lead you to increase your page ranks significantly.

I interested to have a link exchange to anyone WITHOUT chosing any relevent topics.Its a promise that i will add your links within 12hours from your reply messages.

Now i will teach on how to do the link exchange. Below are the steps:

1.Add this blog to your site by copy and paste the code below in HTML

2.Notice me by leaving a comment about your link and title OR Message me at in order to avoid delay(Optional).State where the link is located in your site - IMPORTANT

3.I will visit your site to see the link and within 12 hours, your link will be added under My Blogroll

Sharing is caring :)

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