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Alleria The Windrunner

Beside Captain Coco, there is a new hero name Alleria The Windrunner. From the name, it looks like this new hero seems to pose an agi type but Alleria The Windrunner is an int type. Her ultimate turn her into a tornado, which is a completely flying unit, for several seconds. Flying unit means you can move over trees, hills and has complete sight over it. It means you cannot juke from her while she is using Windrunner

Alleria The WindrunnerAlleria the Windrunner (Looks like Drow The Ranger..)

Power ShotPower Shot
Deals 100/200/280/360 damage to all enemies in straight line. The arrow has vision and knocks down trees in the process. (1200 unit cast distance)
The damages hits whatever it's go through and even can cut the trees. After the update, there's short delay before the arrow released.

Always knocks back the target. If the target hits a group of units or a tree, the struck units (including the target) are stunned for 0/1/2/3 seconds. (700 unit cast distance)

It will link two units together and stun them both, hence, shackles. It wont stun nearly as long if there is no unit near by..(same like stunt by Witch Doctor)

This is the old ultimate, and now it's being nerfed and changed. Say goodbye to these awesome picture below T_T I decide to not delete these picture because i like it very much, even if now it already replaced..

WindrunnerAlleria skills, Windrunner. Look her before using it.

Alleria skills, WindrunnerAlleria skills, Windrunner. After using her ulti's. Watch the sudden increase of your sight.

WindrunnerWhen you turn into Cyclone, you can still use your skill. You can hide into the tree and surprise your enemies.

WindrunnerI rather surprised seeing this. When you turn into cyclone, your normal attack is still working despite your invisible attack projectile. In this picture i use Helm of Dominator to make my attack visible.
Say goodbye to this Imba cyclone skill, now it only gives you 50% ms increase, and 100% evasion for 3/4/5/6 seconds.

Focus Fire(ultimate)
Now, her ultimate has been nerfed. No longer IMBA flying unit. Now it seems to give max attack speed for 9 attacks as long as your attacking the target. At max level, you attack for full damage, at level one u do less damage per attack, don't know what the exact percent is, maybe 33%/66%/100%

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