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DotA Allstars v6.48

DotA Allstars v6.48 DotA Allstars v6.48
Requirement: Warcraft III: Frozen Throne

File size: 2.48MB

Changelog DotA Allstars v 6.48

Modes Avaiable : -ap, -ar, -lm, -rd, -mm, -xl -dm, -tr, -vr, -rv, -mr, -du, -sp, -sh, -aa, -ai, -as, -id, -em, -sc, -np, -om, -nt, -nm, -nb, -ns. -nr

Added a new hero from the Model-To-Hero contest (see below)
Added a new ability for Animal Courier to change its model.
Fixed Planeswalker’s Cloak and Hood of Defiance stacking issues on various heroes’ innate magic resistance abilities.
Fixed an old rare bug with Leshrac (and recently Storm) that would cause them to constantly drain mana.
Fixed a bug when killing heroes with Crow
Fixed Flesh Heap to work properly with suicides
Fixed a bug in -dm -nd that causes the hero after Bristleback to have Warpath if Bristleback dies with the buff on, and the player quickly picks a new hero.
Fixed the game mode text to display in proper order
Fixed Starfall doing extra damage on the second hit
Restored Freeze Hero functionality
Added a command -test to enable single player commands to be usable in multiplayer for easier extensive testing
Added new command ‘-terrain snow’. This transforms the current terrain into a snow terrain. This is a very experimental mechanism and is still very much a WIP in the visuals department.
Fixed Death Pulse to hit properly non-magic-immune Ancients
Improved Alchemist’s movement speed a bit
Increased ranged creep’s mana pool
Rebalanced Sanity’s Eclipse (Less damage, better leveling)
Improved Harbinger’s casting animation time
Fixed a visual glitch with Dispersion that would make it look like it did more Dispersions than it actually did
Fixed a bug with Unstable Concoction when used during the transformation of Chemical Rage
Fixed a bug with Greaterbash
Improved Lion’s movement speed a little
Fixed Panda’s Storm Wind Walk stats
Game now gives an error message when attacking Roshan from a disallowed area
Added -nr(-norepick)
Added -mute as a custom player command to disable kill sounds
Fixed a bug with Weave and Reincarnation

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