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Dota 6.56 Ai Plus Revision 2 Map Download

DotA 6.57 seems straightforward enough. Looks like I might have to manually redo all the regions again, which is pain, but not difficult.

Okay. Thanks guys, I'll see if I can have something up as soon as tomorrow.

Also, an update on that command line thing: you'll note that long commands only fail with 10 players (works fine with 9). It seems to be hanging on the Scoreboard generation routine, which you can see when you try to input a long command with 10 players. The scoreboard will appear in the upper right corner (says "DotA Allstars", regardless of the mode), and if you open it, you'll see it's only half done. There's probably a loop that keeps running and stops the script from proceeding, which halts the system from detecting the specified game modes. I need to look at it more (I only glanced briefly at it last night before going to bed).

Also, fixed KOTL learning attribute bonuses and Crystal Maiden now learns Brilliance Aura after Frost Nova and Frostbite (instead of at levels 22-25).

Then it's the same bug, there was no AI in my game. Command tested in 6.54 rev5, without -fr, of course, and it works.

I tryed 6.56 r2 with just me and no ai.

Mode -arnestemngnnidpmmcfr don` work.
Mode -arnestemngnnidpmmc work ok.

And my comp is not too bad.

Hm, okay. I don't think it's an -fr specific bug, but just to be safe, can somebody try -armestemngnnidpmmcoi" just to double-check? (Replace that last fr with oi). It's possible there's some arithmetic bug between total number of players and string length (both of which are generated pre-scoreboard generation), but I can't seem to see a pattern. =/

one more problem sorry for being little off-topic//
i m little confused, skadi is a buff for ranged heroes ok? and sange in an orb effect.
which mean both can be inflicted by a ranged hero.

so when terrorblade metamorphs he gets a ranged attack still skadi and sange both dont work at sametime.
only way is to drop skadi and pick it again. then skadi and sange both work.
but after metamorphosis is over, the item description still say skadi its ranged!!!

is this a problem? why dosent skadi changes by itself.
secondly after all this thing how AI terrorblade manages to get both orb effect and buff placer in metamorphosis? i mean he dosent know that dropping skadi and picking it again will make it a ranged buff

Yeah, I don't think Skadi is supposed to change by itself. The build was designed by Overflow with the stipulation in mind that Terrorblade would pick up Skadi while Metamorphed so that he would carry Ranged Skadi so that Frost Attack and Maim would stack, but I never got around to actually doing that. =/ Though come to think of it, I could probably modify the recipe trigger so that if AI Terrorblade builds Skadi he gets Ranged Skadi instead of normal Skadi, which would then make the build work as expected. I'd actually completely forgotten about that until you brought it up. =P

I didn't know that AI lost no gold from "picking" a hero. Does that mean they start with the same gold in ap as they do in ar? If so that should probably be fixed. I don't mind them starting with extra gold, but the difference should be the same regardless of the mode.

Eh, think of it this way. The AI always randoms a hero. If you force pick a hero, what happens is that you (the player) picks the hero, the AI gains control of it, and you are reimbursed for the hero cost.

So, if you don't pick the hero for them in -ap, basically the AI just uses -random. I believe using -random in -ap and starting a game with -ar will result in them having the same amount of gold anyway, so I don't see a need to change this. Unless I'm wrong about the using -random and -ar thing. But...I probably won't change anything anyway, at least not now. =P

Ever considered improving the layout of your post? Here, let me help.

Thanks, it looks awesome!

Download Dota 6.56 Ai Plus Rev 2

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